Should I take a lesson? 

Regardless of your ability, you can always improve your skiing or snowboarding technique. It is recommended that all beginners take lessons to learn to ski and snowboard properly and to reduce the chance of injury while on the hill. 

How do I reserve lesson and/or Programs? 

i. Lessons are required to be booked in advanced. Please contact our snow school by email or by phone at 905-649-2002 ext. 22. 
ii. Programs can be booked online through our website at Click on the Online Store, it is easy and convenient. 

Can I book lessons for my child if they have special needs? 

Yes, please inform the Snow School of special needs that your child may have. We can better accommodate your child if we are informed. 

What should I or my children wear for the lesson? 

Please dress appropriately for the weather report. Lessons operate in all weather conditions. Everyone should be dressed in several layers, all zippers zipped. Scarves tucked into jackets. 1 pair of warm socks, waterproof gloves and sunscreen for those sunny days. Be prepared to be outdoors for the duration of the lesson! 

What should I do if the weather is bad? 

Due to the large number of lesson participants, it is up to you to contact Dagmar Resort if you are unsure about the weather. Please use he phone lines to contact Dagmar 24 hours in advance to cancel your lesson without penalty. Program classes are held in all weather conditions. However, if Dagmar must close a make up weekend will be added onto the end of the program. 

Can another child replace my child in lessons if my child is absent? 


Unfortunately no, we do require the registered child to attend their lessons. 

What time should I arrive for my lesson? 


Daily Private Lessons – Please note there will be line ups on busy days both indoors and outdoors. Please arrive a minimum of one hour prior to any scheduled lesson, especially if renting equipment. 

Programs and Camps – Your child should be at your meeting sign, ready to ski or snowboard 5 minutes before your lesson start time. 

What time should I pick up my child from the lesson? 


The instructors are booked to teach every hour and they cannot be late for their next clients. Please arrive a couple of minutes before the end of the lesson time at your meeting sign to pick up your child. We require the same parent/guardian to drop off and pick up your child from the lesson each week. If there are any changes, please inform your instructor at the start of the lesson. 

What happens if I am late for my lesson? 

i. Once a lesson has commenced; you will receive the remaining time of your scheduled lesson.  

ii. There are no refunds for late daily private, program or camp lessons. 

iii. Programs and Camps – Instructors will wait for 1-3 minutes past the lesson start time and then they will begin the lesson. If you late and have missed your instructor, please stay at your meeting sign. The instructor will teach the kids who have arrived on time for 20 minutes and then return to the sign to pick up any late comers. Please learn the name of your Instructor! 

What happens if I miss my lesson? 

i. We require a 24 -hour notice to cancel a daily private lesson or the full lesson fee will be charged. 

ii. There are no make-ups or date changes for missed program or camp lessons. No refunds on missed lessons. 

What happens if I lose or forget my child’s program pass? 

i. If you forget your child’s program pass you will be required to purchase a regular lift ticket from the Customer Service Counter for the day. 

ii. If you lose your child’s program pass, a replacement fee of $75.00 per pass will apply. Please visit the Snow School Office to get a replacement pass. 

Do you have childcare for my other children or for when I am in a lesson? 

Unfortunately, there is no childcare available at this time. Our chalet is a wonderful place to sit and relax if you are bringing family members that do not ski. 

Can I be on the Snow with my Children? 

Unfortunately no, unless you have a valid lift ticket or a VIP Parent Pass or a Seasons Pass.  If your children are in a lesson or program, you will take them to the designated area and return back onto the deck or sidewalk and watch them safely from these areas. If you wish to be an observer on the snow in the designated area, you will need to purchase a ticket.  Safety is the most important factor and we appreciate your cooperation in recognizing this. 

How do equipment rentals work for programs and/or camps? 

i. Participants will be supplied with a rental form for there first day of program and/or camp. This will need to be taken downstairs to our Rental Department to get set up. Prepare for line-ups while getting your rentals. 

ii. Equipment will be pre-set and ready for 2nd day of programs in our Rental Department. 

iii. Returned rentals will be disinfected before being placed back into service. 

What happens if my child needs to go to the washroom during the lesson? 

If your child requires to use the washroom, they will be taken to the outdoor Snow School window where you will be called to take them. Please ask your instructor where to meet you to continue in the lesson. 

What happens if my child becomes distressed during the lesson? 

If your child becomes overly distressed during the lesson, the instructor will try their best to calm your child and involve them in the lesson. After 15-20 minutes, you may be called during the lesson to help comfort your child.  

What happens if my child is in an accident? 

Skiing and snowboarding are outdoor sports and as a result accidents in the class may occur. The instructors are trained to stay with the child until Ski Patrol arrives. They are to report to the Ski patrol office immediately to report the accident. Parents will be called once the Ski Patrol has stabilized the situation. 

How does my child use, get on and off the chairlifts? 

i. Snow School assistants are available to provide assistance to the instructors for groups with children age 6-8. When taking children up the chairlift, please be aware that you or another adult in the chairlift line up may be asked to assist the children up the lifts. This is the same policy at all resorts including ski areas such as Whistler/Blackcomb, Mt. Tremblant and Blue Mountain. 

ii. To assist your child, please be aware that the instructor may need to hold, push or touch your child throughout the lesson. 

iii. All Children will be using the chairlifts throughout the 7 weeks. Children who are unable to load the chairlift no their own will require assistance. Please understand it does take a bit of time for the instructors to organize the children at the bottom of the lift and to find competent, suitable adults to assist. Safety is the priority however bums don’t always make the chairlift seat at the very bottom of the lift. This generally does not result in any injuries and the chairlift is stopped.  

How busy are the lift line ups? 

Generally, it only takes a few minutes to get up our lifts. Lesson participants are able to enter a Snow School line up with their Instructor on busier days where they can by-pass regular customers.  

What happens when my child’s instructor is absent? 

If your regular instructor is ill or injured and is not able to teach the class, a replacement instructor will be provided.  

Do 7 Week Programs run on Family Day weekend? 

Programs do not run on the Family Day weekend in February. If you would like to come out on that weekend you would be required to buy regular lift tickets and rentals if needed. 

How does the evaluation process work for programs? 

i. Children may be changed to a higher or lower level group after the first weekend of programs, depending on their abilities. You will be contacted after the first weekend regarding this change. Group sizes may change slightly after the first weekend too, form 3-5 kids for Snow Buddies and from 6-9 kids for Slope Shredders. 

ii. If your child has been in programs before, please do not be alarmed if your child receives the same level as the previous season. The National Skier and Snowboarder Progression Systems have become more challenging over the past couple of seasons and the more skilled your child is, the harder it becomes to achieve the next level.  

iii. All students are evaluated on week 6 of the programs.  

Additional Resources: 

Please go to prior to arriving for our lessons! Sit down with your child and view the information and videos to be better prepared for your first day of your lessons!