Dagmar Resort’s Health & Safety Commitment

Working Together, Helping to Keep You & Your Families, Our Employees & Communities Safer
Skiing and snowboarding continues with our health and safety commitment in providing you and your family a great guest experience!

The wellness of our guests and staff is of paramount priority and our policies stand to elevate our existing high standards of hygiene and cleanliness procedures.

We want you to enjoy everything the hill has to offer and to feel safe comfortable and confident during your visit.

Please stay informed with the most up-to-date resort information before visiting.

What to Expect When Arriving at Dagmar 2022 2023

Quick-Check List before Visiting Dagmar
Dagmar may change the hours of operation; always call ahead, check on social media or our website for hours of operation, capacity limits & additional updates.
1. All guests are requested to make ONLINE Reservations for the day and time of visit.
2. Without a reservation or a program pass you may be asked to visit on another day should DAGMAR be at capacity.
3. To help manage capacity at Dagmar, access to Dagmar may be granted with a confirmed reservation and/or a pre-purchased pass, lesson or program.
4. There may be limited numbers of customers on the snow, everyone must have a valid ticket, if parents wish to be on the snow with their child, they must purchase a ticket and abide by the Alpine Responsibility Code.
5. We may limit the number of daily non skiing guests if busy.
6. Chalet access may be reduced if at capacity.
7. Please arrive dressed & prepared to hit the slopes, there is a limited number of lockers available.
8. The bathrooms will be accessible, there may be long waits during certain time and days
9. The restaurant will be open and there may be long waits during certain time and days
10. The coffee and lounge bar will be open with the gift-shop selling basic necessities.
11. You must NOT bring any food into the chalet; keep personal belongings locked in your car.
12. Seating inside at the tables will be for restaurant and bar patrons which may be time limited. Picnic tables will also be available outside for your food purchases.
13. Purchase products online. The outside ticket windows will be accessible & onsite sales may be limited depending on capacity at any given time
14. Please pick up your pass once you receive confirmation that it is ready
15. Pictures – For passes & program you need to email photos to us a minimum of 2 weeks prior to opening. We are unable process last minute photos.
16. Dagmar will no longer be taking photos. A $15.00 per person charge will be added if a photo needs to be taken.

Dagmar will be using our ONLINE Reservations during 2022-2023 season; we ask pass-holders and customers wishing to purchase lift and rental tickets to make reservations.
• By making reservations, this will help controlling congestion on the slopes and allows everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy the hills
Plexiglas barriers have been installed at pertinent locations.
• Reminder signage has been placed around the resort.
• We strongly encourage contact-less payment methods.
• The Main Chalet, Restaurant, Lounge & Gift Shop will be open.
• Please use your car as much as possible for storing equipment. Please do not litter your garbage onto the parking lot.
• Lift Tickets, Rentals, Season Passes & Programs for activities are available for pre-purchase online, this is the recommended method to purchase.
• Be Prepared to enjoy the outdoors and dress appropriately for the weather.

• Cashless payment methods available and preferred
• Pass pickup should be done prior to opening, once you receive your confirmed for pickup email please make arrangements to do so.
• Last minute pass pick-ups will generate long delays and distanced line-ups.
• We are not able to process photos sent in less than 2 weeks prior to opening. You must send in your photo within 2 weeks after purchase.
• Online bookings – If it’s necessary to take your photo, there will be a fee of $15.00 per photo.

Chalet Indoors
• Sanitize hands before entering the lodge. Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed throughout Dagmar.
• Face Masks, although not required when entering the chalet can be recommended.
• Dagmar may limit the number of people at all locations within the chalet.
• Only 2 visiting family members for viewing per child will be permitted due to capacity.
• Unfortunately, there will be no extra viewing for extended family members and friends.
• The chalet is available for purchasing food & beverages, gift shop items,
• There is a no return and no refund policy for any purchased items.
Getting Ready to Ski or Snowboard
• Please be ready to ski or snowboard and leave your belongings in your vehicle. Please do not litter garbage from your vehicle.
• Bags, backpacks can be placed in lockers in the Chalet.
• Daily Locker Rentals and limited shelving will be available on a first come first served basis
• Dress for the weather as the chalet may be at capacity and there may be minimal areas to get dressed to go outside.
• A quick warm-up and changing area room will be available on weekends at the West Chalet
• Masks are available for sale at the gift shop.

Purchasing Lift Tickets, Rentals and Lesson Check-In
• Guests may pre-purchase certain products ONLINE and same-day reservations for lift tickets and rentals. Products may be limited online.
• Onsite sales may be limited, due to capacity.
• Please arrive a minimum of 50 minutes to any scheduled lesson and earlier if renting equipment.
• Dagmar team members will be present to manage line-ups & communications.

Snow School Lessons & Programs
• Please be ready to ski or snowboard and leave your belongings in your vehicle.
• Dress for the weather as the change areas in the WEST CHALET are limited and there may be minimal areas to get dressed.
• Please refer and read carefully to the Covid-19 Protocol Policy set by My Snow School
Equipment Rental & Guest Use of Rentals
• Hand sanitation stations will be available at high touch points areas (boot areas, helmet areas, and counter spaces).
• Equipment rented for 7 Week Programs will be pre-set and ready for 2nd day of programs.
• Prepare for above normal line-ups while getting your rentals during holidays and weekends
• Returned rentals will be disinfected before being placed back into service.

Food and Beverage
• Cashless payment methods available and are preferred.
• Enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces and equipment.
• Outdoor picnic areas and take-out are available.
• Tables will be secured for Dagmar food and beverage purchases only.
• Table Time limits may be in effect to allow all visitors comfortable access.
• Food not purchased from our cafeteria is NOT allowed in chalet; picnic tables are available for small bagged lunches.

Lift Operations
• Prepare for above normal line-ups during the holidays and weekends.
• Disinfecting measures for lift carriers & stations may vary based on practicality, & weather conditions.
• PPE may be used by Team Members to protect themselves and our guests.
Hill Access
• Access is only to pass holders, valid ticket holders and booked lessons.
• Persons without a valid ticket will not be permitted on the hill.
• Everyone must have a valid ticket, ticket checking & security will be on the slopes.
• If parents wish to be on the snow with their child, they must purchase a ticket and abide by the Alpine Responsibility Code.

Washroom Use
• Frequent cleaning & disinfection of washrooms is scheduled.
• Dagmar team members may be present to help manage line-ups & communications.
• Enhanced cleaning protocols are implemented throughout our resort, with additional focus on the cafeteria, high traffic and high contact areas.
• Ecolab is the leader in hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. Dagmar will be involved with the Ecolab Science Certified Program and staff will be trained by Ecolab professionals.
Guest Responsibilities:
• Stay informed on Covid-19 related information and updates.
• Feeling ill; you must not visit if you are feeling ill and are uncertain of your symptoms, use the Government on-line self-assessment test at (https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/) or Telehealth at 1-866-797-0000 for further guidance and to determine if you can come skiing or if a Covid-19 test is required.
• Frequent Hand washing and sanitization is necessary. Use hand washing/sanitizing stations provided.
• Optional mask wearing while indoors.
• Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth.
• Clean personal sports equipment frequently.

Respect the Rules:
• Clients are reminded that changes to our operating plans may be required, always check before visiting.
• Please be respectful of each other’s time and please be kind, we are here to help you!

Dagmar Resort Management Rights
Management reserves the right to make any changes at any time to any products offered to any products pricing or to operating and closing schedules at any time. Management further reverses the right to capacity control or to any and all other changes which are or will be implemented.