Season Pass Policies / Procedures:

How do I purchase a Season Pass?

Answer: i. You can purchase passes a number of ways. Online through our website at Upper right hand corner in Blue; Click on the Online Store, it is easy and convenient. ii. You can visit the office at your convenience, but please call ahead to check office hours and make an appointment.

What is required to pick up Season Passes?

Answer: A valid Picture ID is required when picking up a pass or proof of payment.

When is the best time to pick up my Season Pass?

Answer: If you want to avoid line-ups, the best time to pick up your pass is pre-season

Please be sure you have received your confirmation email that your pass is ready for pickup. Send us a quick email or call 905-649-2002 if you are coming to the office as our office hours vary during the off season.

If you wait until your first day of skiing, you can expect a wait time up to 2 hours.

My child is under 18, can I send a note with him/her to pick up the Season Pass?

Answer: If the terms and conditions and the liability waiver are signed when you purchase your pass, your child under 18 can pick up his/her pass.

If the paperwork has not been signed, a parent or guardian MUST be present in order for the child under 18 to pick up the pass. ID is required.

What happens if I forget my pass?

Answer: A regular area ticket must be purchased as no complimentary tickets will be issued. Tip: Have your pass handy to your helmet or skis/board or place inside your boots to help you remember.

What happens if I lose my pass?

Answer: If you lose your pass there is a replacement fee of $66.38 plus HST the first time. If lost a second time the fee is 50% of the original pass price.

Why is a season pass so expensive to replace?

Answer: Unfortunately some people have given their pass to a friend and claimed it was lost. If a pass is found, whom-ever finds it and might not turn it in but will use it under false pretense hoping they will not be caught. If caught they would be banned from Dagmar. The safety of your pass is your responsibility.

Can I share my season pass with a friend or family member?


i. No, passes are non-transferable and will have your name and photo on it.

ii. Your pass will be confiscated and not re-issued if another person is caught using your pass. iii. The person caught using the pass will be charged for a full day lift ticket and fined an additional $100.00 for fraudulent use.

How do I attach and display my Season Pass?

Answer: i. Passes must be visible at all times while on the hill. A loop is provided and recommended for attaching the pass to your jacket. Arm bands are also available for purchase at our office if you are not comfortable with just the loop.

**Please ensure that your pass is clearly visible to the Lift Operator when you are boarding the lift, if it is not visible you will be asked to step aside from the line-up until you pass is verified.

ii. Passes must be presented to any Dagmar employee upon request.

iii. Season passes may not be altered in any way.

What happens if my equipment is stolen?

Answer: Dagmar Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment, or damages to personal property. Please bring a lock with you and lock up your equipment every time you come into the resort. Note: Locks are also available for purchase at our Gift Shop. Tip: Take good clear photos of your Skis/ Boards from the front and the back and be sure to do a close-up of the serial number on your items. This will help with identification for the police in case your equipment is taken.

Why are there so many Signs at Dagmar?


One series of signs that are posted at each lift and throughout the resort is the very important

“Alpine Responsibility Code” & “Exclusion of Liability – Assumption of Risk”

As a guest of Dagmar, please take the time as it is YOUR RESPONSIBITY to read and understand the posted signage and share the information with your family and friends.