Daily Reservations

Season Pass, Coupon Book, Gift Card & 8 Pack Holder Reservations:

In our effort to protect against Covid Dagmar has implemented a new reservation system for season pass, coupon books, gift card and 8 Pack holders. This will greatly assist capacity control during arrival times.

Select an Available Date on the Calendar below (blue circles) to see the time slots available for arrivals.

How To Reserve your spot:
– DO NOT reserve multiple days & multiple times on the same form – Capacity control is daily.  (i.e. One Day per Order – if you want to book more than one day, then please submit multiple orders).
– Put in correct product information: Anytime, 3×5, Night Pass, Gift Card, Coupon Book, 8-Pack.
– Include the correct Quantity/Numbers; Please DOUBLE CHECK NUMBER
– Once booked, a confirmation is sent; if you do not have a reservation with order number, access is not permitted.
– Dagmar’s Greeters will verify your reservation order prior to access to slopes from the Daily Master List.

A COVID Wellness check-in must be completed on the day of the visit. Please take a screenshot of the wellness check once you have completed it. You will have to show this to the attendants to get out on the hill.

More dates and timeslots may become available at any time, so check back often!

March 2021

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Please only visit if you pass the Covid self test as provided and described by the Ontario Government.

If you are not able to arrive for your booked time please cancel your reservation by sending an email to admin@skidagmar.com.

Upon your arrival you must fill out the Wellness Check-in Form, which is available on the Dagmar App or on the main page of our website (SkiDagmar.com/guest-sign-in). Please be ready to show confirmation and display your pass to the attendant prior to accessing the hill.

Dagmar Resort Management Rights
Management reserves the right to make any changes at any time to all products offered;
and to any and all products pricing; to resort operations and closing schedules at any time.
Management further reserves the right to capacity control or to any and all other changes which are or canbe implemented without notice.