Welcome to Dagmar 2020-2021

Dagmar team members will be present to help manage line-ups & communications.

Advance Booking Required:
• Every person visiting must book ahead for capacity control.
• There will be no walk-in ticket sales without advance arrangements by pre booking online
• Pass-holders are requested to always BOOK YOUR DAY prior to the day you plan to visit.
Pass holder link https://www.skidagmar.com/bookmyday/
• For Daily Lift & Lift & Rental Purchases, ticket releases will be available on www.skidagamar.com

Guest Wellness Responsibilities:
• ALL guests are required to complete a COVID-19 Wellness Check-in upon arrival each day they visit.
• Do not visit Dagmar, if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who does
• Mask wearing is mandatory while on Dagmar Property indoors and outdoors.
• Practice physical distancing of 2 metres between non-household members.
• Frequent Hand washing and sanitization is necessary. Use sanitizing stations provided
• Follow all signage and directional signs at Dagmar Resort and physical distance markers on the floors.

Getting Ready to Ski or Snowboard
• BASE CAMP will be your car this season; please be dressed and ready to hit the slopes. Please leave all your belongings in your vehicle. Please do not litter garbage from your vehicle
• Bags, backpacks and lunches will NOT be permitted in the Chalet.
• Dress for the weather as chalet may be at capacity and you may have to remain outside
• A quick warm-up may be available on very cold days on weekends at the West Chalet.
• Wear your face mask or covering. If you forget, masks are available for sale.

Chalet Indoors
• Physical Distancing and occupancy capacities will be followed, expect longer than normal line ups.
• Mask wearing is mandatory while on Dagmar Property. Sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout.
• Signage is placed in washrooms to advise guests of appropriate physical distancing, proper hand washing.
• You must remain in your social circle as a skiing family or your social bubble.
• Food & Beverage is currently Take Out. Please eat your lunch/dinner in your car and please do not litter.
• Gift shop items such as gloves, goggles, hats and basic necessities will be available. There is a no return and no refund policy for any purchased items.

Hill Access and Lift Operations
• Persons without a valid pass, ticket or confirmed lessons will not be permitted on the hill.
• If one parent wishes to be on the snow with their child; A ticket is required & parent must abide by the Alpine Responsibility Code
• Only 1 parent/family member for viewing per child will be permitted due to capacity restrictions. There will be no extra viewing for extended family members & friends.
• Lift line-ups will be structured safely to maintain physical distancing.
• Guests who live together and are in their social or family bubble will be allowed to ride lifts together.
• Prepare for above normal physically distanced line-ups.
• Use of non-medical face coverings will be required while lining up and using lifts.

Purchasing Lift Tickets, Rentals and Lesson Check-In
• Pre-purchase ONLINE same-day lift tickets and rentals. Products will be limited. Please remember to bring in your order to redeem your purchases.
• Please arrive a minimum of one hour or more prior to any scheduled lesson and earlier if renting equipment. Prepare for above normal physically distanced line-ups while getting your rentals.
• The rental facility will abide by physical distancing and cleaning protocols.
• To reduce the possibility of cross contamination, separate areas for pick up and returns may be provided.
• Equipment rented for 8 Week Programs will be pre-set and ready for 2nd day of programs.